The main antagonist of Magia. As a mysterious black Incubator that has emotions, Anbey is not only a genius, but a master manipulator. Although his plans and actions are seemingly filled with malice and evil, no one knows what really goes on in the Incubator's mind, his motivations and goals unknown.

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The main protagonist of Covenant, and a major character in Sketch, Anbey is an Incubator capable of emotions. Manipulative, sarcastic, vulgar, and egotistical, Anbey is interested more in her own personal gain than trying to save the universe from entropy. Intrigued and amused by the nature of humanity, Anbey decides to give humanity the ultimate test: by starting a war between humans and magical girls. In Covenant, through a series of events, Anbey becomes trapped in Gretchen's (TL3 Madoka) barrier seemingly dying, only to wake up at Starcrossed Place, the place where Faust has her dreams. There Anbey and Faust meet for the first time and discover their relationship with each other. Both of them are enemies fated to fight each other to the death. All of Faust's actions in Revolution, and Anbey's actions in Covenant, reveal that Faust was the embodiment of Order and Hope, while Anbey was the embodiment of Chaos and Despair, and that they were affecting each other, giving themselves godly amounts of power. Both of them then clash, unleashing their powers, with Anbey possessing the powers of all the girls she contracted and also gaining a human form remarkably similar to Faust. While both are roughly equal in power, Anbey's meddling in Starcrossed Place along with Faust's sheer willpower results in Anbey's defeat. Anbey proclaims this isn't the end though, saying they will meet again and she will kill Faust. Anbey then manages to wake up and escape from Gretchen's barrier, still in possession of the power she gained at Starcrossed Place, and furthers her plans for her world war and her confrontation with Faust. In Sketch, it is then revealed that Faust and Anbey are siblings and that Ouroboros, a god who's been pulling the entire events of Magia behind the scenes, is their father. Not knowing the purpose of his existence, Ouroboros became interested in humanity and wished to know how to love, feel, and live like a human. Despite watching humanity for many, many years, Ouroboros could still not understand them, and why they suffer so much. Because he has no one to relate or share his own thoughts and feelings, Ouroboros created his two sons, Faust and Anbey, with his own power. Ouroboros watched his two sons grow and saw that they would always share everything with each other, whether they laughed, smiled, or cried. He saw his own two sons fall in love with each other. Ouroboros wondered why his own two sons can experience love, yet he cannot. Ouroboros then grew jealous of his two sons and decided to punish them. He wanted his sons to feel his own pain. He pitted Faust and Anbey against each other as eternal enemies, with Faust representing Ouroboro's positive emotions, while Anbey represented his negative emotions. Ouroboros watched them fight and suffer, and reveled in it. Ouroboros saw their pain and suffering as entertainment, and repeated their eternal struggle endlessly. Ouroboros had control over everything. He could choose the universe, genders for Faust and Anbey, anything. The endless cycle was a game to him and he had control over every factor. Although the seeds of power instilled in Faust and Anbey were out of Ouroboro's contro, in the off-chance that Faust and Anbey would gain enough power to combat and defeat him, the seeds would give birth to a new Ouroboros. Even though Faust and Anbey fought each other endlessly and suffered, Ouroboros noticed that they always fell in love with each other, regardless of anything. Despite the pain, fighting, and suffering, Faust and Anbey's eternal love for each other never fades away.

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Anbey makes his reappearance in her Incubator form at the end of episode 4. It is unknown what is Anbey's current motivations or plans, other than she has an interest with two girls with great magical potential, presumably Faust and Madoka. Is is then revealed Anbey plans to contract Madoka and Sayaka. Anbey also brought two magical girls that work with him, Tamiko and Ayume. Tamiko attempts to capture Madoka and Sayaka, injuring Faust. Faust however manages to use Mind Projection on her, and orders her to take them to a safe place. Faust didn't think things through however, and they end up in Tamiko's apartment, where Ayume and Anbey also are. Faust is then knocked out and stranded in Asunaro City. In episode 12, it is revealed that Anbey is the one who granted Faust's new powers and that she actually contracted Faust as a "cultivated" puella magi, calling Faust her "prized tree" among her farm (energy). As an Incubator with emotions, Anbey is perfectly capable of lying, although it's very hard for Faust to tell the difference between his truth and lies. Anbey's words tend to contradict each other. One point, Anbey tells Faust that the Freezer and Kazumi will be the host of the Walpurgisnacht. At another point, he then tells Faust that Ayume is actually the host of Walpurgisnacht. Anbey uses this to his advantage, making Faust go into an uncontrolled Rage Mode that nearly kills Yuma when he reveals that Faust is draining the magic and lifeforce of the other girls through her abilities. Despite his very evil and manipulative exterior, at one point, Anbey show's a very different side of himself to Faust, saying how nothing can stop Faust, and he finds the human race amazing because of their soul and spirit. Whether this side of Anbey is genuine, or is just another way to confuse Faust, is not entirely certain. After Faust easily defeats Ayume, Faust figures out that Anbey is trying to overthrow his own race, by destroying all forms of life, their sources of energy, with Faust being the catalyst to his plan.