Faust, appearing as Madoka's Goddess Alter-Ego

The main protagonist of Magia. She one day wakes up in the body of Madoka Kaname of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe with only the knowledge of the events of the anime. With no memories of herself or her past life, she makes it her life goal to change the fate of the girls and save the world.

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With no memories of herself and her past life, Faust, the main protagonist /a/ controls, wakes up one day, only to find herself in the Madokaverse trapped in Madoka's body. Possessing nothing but the knowledge of the events of the anime, Faust decides to make it her life mission to save this timeline and the girls without resorting to using the anime wish. After making contact with Madoka's mind, Faust vaguely remembers a bit of her past and herself. She once lived in a world where everyone had some sort of superpower, such as shooting fire or the ability to fly. Faust herself was looked down upon, made fun of, and excluded from everything, because she had what everyone thought a very useless power. Unlike anyone else, Faust has 1000 different minds or "voices" in her head that help guide her in making decisions. But since her power doesn't have any sort of practical use, Faust felt she was useless. One night, Faust dreamed that she wanted to make a difference in the world, when then suddenly a bright light engulfed her, beginning her journey. Faust then realized that she also had the power to leap into other people's minds. Faust's desire to make a difference, and Madoka being the center of everything in the Madokaverse, is what caused her to be trapped in Madoka's body. As Faust continues to fight to save the girls, her personality changes to be more similar to Madoka. The way Faust talked, her kindness to the other girls, her goals and desires, all became more and more similar to Madoka the longer Faust spent time in Madoka's body. This culminates in a dream sequence, where Faust and Madoka eventually come to terms to fully accepting each other, and agreeing that the both of them can change the future. This causes their minds to fully merge into one complete being. Throughout Revolution, Faust's mind powers slowly developed and became more powerful. She learned to use Mind Bombs, in which she shoots an invisible dome of powerful force from her mind. Using her mind powers however cause her head trauma, potentially damaging her body permanently. Continued use of her powers however lessened the strain on her body. Faust's mind powers grew so powerful to the point that she was able to break causality, bringing TL3 Mami, Kyouko, Madoka, and Homura for the fight against Walpurgisnact, and merging all existing timelines into one. Faust was even able to entirely erase Walpurgisnacht from existence with just her mind. Faust reached the peak of her powers when she was able to access the powers of Madoka, Homura, Mami, Kyouko, and Sayaka without contracting in the battle against Ferocia, the witch of causality. The combination of those powers allowed her to defeat Ferocia and seemingly save the world. After Faust returns from the battle with Ferocia, Faust and Madoka's minds separate, with Faust also acquiring a body of her own in the form of Madoka's Goddess alter-ego. Despite the separation, Faust still maintains a similar personality and a small, weak connection to Madoka.

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At the beginning of Rebuild, Faust is still the same person as she was when Revolution ended. She continued to live the rest of her life spending time with her only friends that she saved from a terrible fate in the events of Revolution. Rebuild starts off with her finally attending Mitakihara Middle School with the others, and the day started off seemingly normal, till suddenly, a new type of Witch, called an Infernal, appeared, about to attack the school. Throughout the story, Faust struggles with her inability to help her friends and help herself. Faust lost most of her mind powers at the cost of defeating Ferocia and obtaining her separate body. She tries to handle the various events that befall her and her friends, despite her limited abilities. Because of this, she also comes in conflict with Homura, who believes that she is the source of these new witches. These struggles make Faust question herself as to who she really is. She thought she saved everyone, but now these terrible events happen. What was her purpose now? Why can't she do anything? Did she really save these girls? Who am I? The main theme of the story centers around these questions, as Faust desperately searches for a purpose and identity, and her attempts to protect the only people she has in her life. As she continues fighting both her outer and inner struggles, Faust develops her own personality, the voices in her head rarely influencing her, the similarties in personality between Madoka and her nonexistant. This can be evidenced when she no longer addresses each of the girls by Madoka's honorifics, preferring to call them informally by their first names. Her search for an identity also makes her grow to be more independant, as she repeatedly tries to handle everything by herself. In the middle of the story, Faust makes a contract with Anbey, becoming a magical girl. Her outfit consists of a long, red and black longcoat covering her shoulders and arms, a black breastplate covering her upper body, while a black skirt falls beneath her knees. A belt is used to keep her outfit in place, wile brown, leather boots are used as her footwear. Her choice of weaponry is dual-wielding the Dreadmoon, a large, jet-black broadsword with jagged edges, and Veritas Luna, a long, sleek silver sword with runic engravings running down the blade. (Her whole outfit and weaponry is reminiscent of Archer/EMIYA from Fate/Stay Night). Although inexperienced, Faust demonstrates throughout the story that she is a very competent magical girl, thanks to her variety in powers. Because of her unique contract with Anbey, Faust was granted a great power, her power associated with her friendship with the other girls. Each bond grants her a unique power that only grows stronger as her friendship with them grows (Reminiscent of Persona 3 and 4's Social Links). With Madoka, Faust has the ability to shoot her pink arrows. Faust can recover from her wounds like Sayaka. She can summon a great barrier as strong as Hitomi. She can rewind time like Homura, though with a range of only a couple of minutes. She has access to Kyouko's old powers, allowing her to create illusions and copies. With Mami, she can bind enemies with her ribbon magic. She can perform powerful healing magic via Yuma's bond. With the Pleiades Saints, she can directly copy any of her friends abilities, while her bond with Kazumi exclusively allows her to cast Limit Esterni. Oriko and Kirika grant her the powers of foresight and time slow respectively, and her mysterious connection to Anbey allowed her to regain her Mind Read and Mind Field powers. Though most of her powers are reliant on the bonds of her friends, she has two powers not dependant on them. One is her Pseudo-Witch Barrier (or Reality Marblein Nasu terms.) The barrier at first resembled Ultimate Madoka's dimension as show in the anime. However, after creating the reality marble a second time, it came to resemble Starcrossed Place, the mysterious location that Faust repeatedly visits in her dreams. When her Pseudo-Witch barrier is up, the reality marble dramatically enhances her fighting abilities, increasing her speed, power, etc. She can also use any of her other abilities without worrying of corrupting her Soul Gem. However, summoning the barrier itself takes a great deal of magic, blackening her Soul Gem greatly. Faust's last and most powerful ability is her true weapon, the Spear of Destiny. By appearance, it greatly resembles the Lance of Longinus, the spear that pierced Jesus Christ at the cross. It is not known exactly how powerful the Spear of Destiny is. It was first and only used at the End of Magia, Faust forming her own Soul Gem into the legendary spear. With it, she defeats her own witch, causing a paradox. It is speculated that the spear's nature and power is to destroy miracles, as you could say Jesus being the Son of God is a "miracle," or that life in itself is also a miracle.

Powers Edit

Madoka8Projectile ArrowLeveling gains ricochet arrows, arrows usable as blades
Sayaka8Regeneration/Pain ResilienceRecover from wounds and ignore pain. Passive
Hitomi2Energy FieldSummon a barrier for protection
Homura2Rewind Time (1 min)Leveling gains longer duration
Kyouko2Illusions Can solidify illusions into copies. Can also create tables in order to slam your hands down and yell as you point OBJECTION! Will expand as Faust levels up
Mami8Binding MagicBind enemies with ribbons.
Yuma4HealingHeal others or herself
Kazumi8Magic Beam (Limit Esterni)It's a magical fucking beam, I ain't gotta explain shit.
Oriko3ForesightSee the near future. Passive
Kirika2Time SlowSlows time.
Pleiades Saints3Team MimicCopy an ability or attack from another person or magical girl Faust has a Social Link with.
Anbey5Mind Read, Mind FieldRead other minds and examine your surroundings. Passive
N/AN/AReality Marble (Madokami Dimension)Faust erects a Psuedo witch barrier. Enhances Faust's fighting abilities to its limits and allows her to spam and use every one of her abilities (excluding the Spear of Destiny) with no MP cost at all. Consumes a plethora of MP.
N/AN/AMoonblade TornadoFaust summons and shoots an onslaught of many swords.
N/AN/ASpear of Destiny (Lance of Longinus)Faust forms her Soul Gem into the legendary lance for a single strike. Uses all MP.