Magia is the story of a girl named Faust, who one days finds herself in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe, trapped in Madoka Kaname's body. With no memories of herself or her past life, Faust makes it her goal to save the girls from their fate and save the world.

Magia is a CYOA that is hosted on 4chan at /a/. The story is told through Faust's eyes, with /a/ in control of her actions. Although Magia is part of the multiverse of Amaranthine, it takes place in a separate universe from the other stories, the Madoka universe, and has no direct relation to the main plot of the Amaranthine series.

Characters Edit

Faust Edit

The main protagonist of Magia. She one day wakes up in the body of Madoka Kaname of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe with only the knowledge of the events of the anime. With no memories of herself or her past life, she makes it her life goal to change the fate of the girls and save the world.

Anbey Edit

The main antagonist of Magia. As a mysterious black Incubator that has emotions, Anbey is not only a genius, but a master manipulator. Although his plans and actions are seemingly filled with malice and evil, no one knows what really goes on in the Incubator's mind, his motivations and goals unknown.

Plot Edit

Revolution Edit

One day, you wake up in Madoka's body, at the beginning of TL5. You have no memories of yourself, only knowing the events of the anime. You don't even know your own name. You eventually decide that you will try to change this future, and save the girls no matter what. You reveal to Homura your knowledge of the events, gaining her trust. With her by your side, you were able to work together with Mami peacefully and prevent her death in episode 3 of the anime. You also had Mami heal Kyousuke' hand to prevent Sayaka from contracting. You also were able to meet and communicate with Madoka within yourself, reveal everything to her, and let her entrust you with handling everything. She ask what is your name, with which you name yourself Faust. Faust's mind eventually merges with Madoka, making them one complete being. All was going well, but nothing is ever so simple. Kyouko makes her appearance along with Yuma and warns Faust of the magical girl killings going around town.

Faust already knew the killings were caused by Oriko and Kirika, so she gathers the girls and hunts for the two killers. She finds the two magical girls in a witch barrier, and although with the help of her friends she defeats and kill the two girls, Kyouko gets killed by the witch. Despite the sudden and tragic death, Faust saves Yuma from despairing, and still resolves to save this timeline. Fast forward just a couple days before Walpurgisnacht. Faust and Homura has planned and prepared for weeks, and decide to spend the remaining time relaxing with the other girls. Yet, relaxing is one thing fate will never grant. Mami is killed by a witch that impersonated Kyouko. Walpurgisnacht appears, but is MUCH stronger than the one even from the anime. In fact, all the witches Faust faced were more powerful than their anime counterparts, and even her friends were stronger than normal. She then realize all of this is because of herself.

Throughout the story, Faust discovers she has mind powers, and is the very reason why she is in Madoka's body in the first place: she leaped into her mind. As she struggled and fought, her mind powers developed and became stronger and stronger. However, those very powers were affecting the Madokaverse itself, creating distortions that made both witches and magical girls far stronger. Her powers became ridiculous to the point that as she and the others made their way to Walpurgisnacht, Faust accidentally sends everyone to TL3, witnessing Mami about to kill everyone after her Sayaka turned into a witch. Faust manages to stop her, and she convinces her and the other girls of this timeline to help the fight against Walpurgis. With Faust's powers, she then transport everyone back to your original timeline, with TL3 Mami and Kyouko gaining the memories of this timeline. With their help, along with the help of the Pleiades Saints, they distract Walpurgisnacht long enough for Faust to get close and erase her from existence with your own mind. The battle wasn't over however. Erasing Walpurgis suddenly pulled her into another dimension where she meets and fights the ultimate witch, Ferocia, witch of Causality. Temporarily, Faust was able to access the powers of her friends from the bonds she forged with them, using them and ultimately defeating Ferocia. Faust returns to Mitakihara, the world seemingly saved. Suddenly, she and Madoka separate and Faust acquires her own body in the form of Madoka's Goddess alter-ego. Although Faust lost the majority of her mind powers and the Puella Magi System remained intact and continued to exist, with the threat of Walpurgisnacht gone, she decides to live the rest of her new life peacefully with the friends she made.

Rebuild Edit

It's been a couple weeks since the events of Revolution took place. Faust dreams of a terrifying witch attacking the town, the witch seemingly being herself. She wakes up, just passing it off as another nightmare. Faust continues to live her life with the girls, Mami being her roommate. It was Faust's first day of school today, and it continued like any other day, although Homura was acting very strange and distant towards her. Suddenly, Faust's eyes turned crimson red, detecting a witch. She runs outside the school to discover a witch without a barrier, which she names an Infernal. She immediately realizes the Infernals were of her doings, being created by the distortions set from her mind powers. These witches were born from a mixture of rage and grief, and don't use barriers to hide, preferring to attack anything in sight. Faust tries to handle the Infernal herself, wanting to gain independence and stop relying on the other girls. However, the loss of most of her mind powers restricted her from doing anything useful, and she was forced to be saved by Hitomi.

Being injured from the witch, Faust decide to stay home for the day, but her restlessness caused her to go out. She is attacked by a regular Witch, and still Faust is not able to do anything to help herself. She is barely saved by Mami, and falling ill due to seeing illusions, Faust stays back at home for the rest of the day. Before the day ends, Faust is notified by Kyubey that Ayase Souju is present in the city and is hunting magical girls. The next day, with Kyouko and Yuma's help, Faust decides to hunt for Ayase. Upon finding her, Kyouko and Yuma fight her and seemingly have the advantage, until Ayase reveals her dual Soul Gem personality and manages to knock out the two girls. The girl is ready to kill Faust until suddenly, Oriko and Kirika arrive and save her, killing Ayase. Oriko offers to work with Faust, remembering the words she spoke to her in Revolution. Despite her shock in seeing her alive again, Faust accepts her proposal. Oriko reveals her plan to kill Madoka and Sayaka, possibly seeing a future of them turning into immensely powerful witches. Faust convinces her to do otherwise, promising she will prevent them from contracting from all costs.

That night, Faust, Madoka and Sayaka stay at Mami's place while the other girls go Witch hunting when another Infernal appears outside the apartment. She and the two girls attempt to escape with the help of Oriko and Kirika, however, they are stopped and kidnapped by a mysterious magical girl named Tamiko. Faust briefly meets another magical girl named Ayume, and a sinister Incubator with emotions named Anbey before she is knocked out and left stranded in Asunaro City.

While in Asunaro City, Faust dreams of that same church you dreamed of back in Revolution. There she meets a mysterious girl who gives her the option of accepting new powers for the cost of her old ones, allowing her to "lose everything, and gain all." Faust accepts, growing frustrated with her inability to accomplish anything. The powers she gained are strengthened from the bonds she forged with her friends and will continue to grow stronger the deeper her bonds with them are. With her new powers, Faust decides to find Kazumi, the only trustworthy Pleiades Saint, to help her. Along the way, she meets the other Saints, and uses her powers to prevent them from kidnapping a magical girl, her confidence being restored. With some lecturing, Faust temporarily gets them on her side, and she stays at Kazumi's place for the night with Kaoru and Umika. The next morning, Faust returns to Mitakihara along with the three Saints, their orders being to help her with Madoka and Sayaka.

Upon returning, Faust discovers that Oriko and Kirika rescued Madoka and Sayaka, saving them before Sayaka dies from a vision she foresaw in Asunaro City. After speaking with the two girls, Faust confronts Homura, who's been harboring resentment towards her ever since the beginning. Faust learns that Homura believes she ruined everything, knowing that she is the source of all the problems. About to give up and turn into a Witch, Faust saves her once again, and brings her back into the light, restoring her relationship with Homura. Suddenly, a Soul Gem bursts from Faust's chest, revealing that she is a magical girl, and that the mysterious girl who gave her her powers was really Anbey.

Becoming worried about the recent turn of events, Faust goes out and looks for Hitomi with the three Saints, who went missing after she returned. While looking for the green-haired girl, Faust opens up to the Saints, revealing that she has memory loss and can only retain her memory for a couple of days. The only way for her to remember is to keep entries logged in a journal she's been writing in between the events of Revolution and Rebuild. The three girls sympathize with her, and Kaoru reveals the true intent of the Saints and asks Faust to join the Saints, to avoid fighting. Faust refuses, and insist that they spend what time they have left together. Suddenly, Faust detects a Witch and an Infernal, and she decides to take on the Infernal while the Saints deal with the Witch.

With her new powers, Faust defeats the Infernal with ease, and decides to find the Saints to back them up. Upon locating the witch, she stumbles upon Tamiko once again and fights her. Tamiko proved to be no match for Faust, as she reveals her power to create a Pseudo-Witch Barrier. All the Saints save Kazumi then confront Faust, ready to fight her. Kaoru and Umika manage to prevent it, the two girls have no intent on fighting Faust. After the rest of the Saints leave, Tamiko, who was cut in half and seemingly unconscious, unexpectedly attacks the three of them, stabbing Umika in the throat and crushing Kaoru's Soul Gem. Thankfully, however, Faust manages to use her powers to rewind time back to one minute, and kill Tamiko, preventing the other two from dying.

After burying the corpse of Tamiko, the three girls return back to Mami's apartment, where Faust meets Oriko and Kirika once again and learns that they saved Hitomi earlier from an attack by the Saints. Although she knows that Faust contracted, Oriko continues to work with her, unwilling to fight Faust and wanting to help her save this world. Kyubey appears, and notifies Faust of an event happening soon, Walpurgisnacht. Baffled, Faust angrily demands how is Walpurgisnacht appearing again, to which Kyubey responds its a different one. This Walpurgisnacht is literally a gathering of witches, Infernal Witches to be exact. This sudden turn of events shocks Faust, and makes her question whether everything she's done up to this point has really helped anything.

While trying to process everything that has been revealed to her, Anbey makes his appearance again and tells Faust how he contracted her for energy and for his sole entertainment. He also reveals that Jubey is working on the creation of the new Walpurgisnacht, the Freezer and Kazumi being the host. In order to stop it's birth, both Kazumi and the Soul Gems must be destroyed.

The next day, Faust along with Kyouko, Yuma, and Madoka go witch hunting, while the rest of the girls at Mami's apartment discuss about Walpurgisnacht. After defeating the witch and having a short bonding moment with Yuma, Faust decides to stay at Madoka's place for the night before the school festival tomorrow. During her stay, Faust finds and reads Madoka's campus notebook, that reveal that Madoka, despite everything Faust and Homura has said to her, has remained the same, blaming herself for her uselessness and wishing she could contract so she could help somehow. While taking a bath together, Madoka embraces Faust in tears, revealing her feelings about her own uselessness. Faust tells Madoka that she will do everything in Madoka's stead, and reveals about her memory loss and her theory that she will disappear once her memories fade entirely. Faust assures Madoka that she won't disappear until she knows she made the world a better place for everyone, but Madoka can't help but cry, not wanting the twin sister she loved to disappear. Madoka asks what she can do, to which Faust replies that just living and breathing is enough for her and everyone else. Madoka, realizing Faust's words, and thanks Faust, the bond between them maxed and unbreakable.

It's early morning and the festival has already started. After leaving the Kaname residence, Faust and Mami, along with Kazumi, Kaoru, and Umika decide to take a peek at the festivities. While they check things out, Mami reveals to everyone that Madoka told her that Faust will disappear. Although the girls were worried, Faust brushes it off, saying she will be fine. Kazumi and the two Saints then leave Mami and Faust alone, continuing to enjoy the festivities. Faust and Mami decide to head back home to get ready for the night festivities. While they eat some breakfast together, Faust ask's Mami's opinion of herself, to which Mami says that she's a close friend, and that they kissed. The blond reveals that while she would be ready to have a relationship with Faust, she can't go through it. Mami loves Faust, for keeping her company as her roommate, after being alone for so long. Because Mami knows Faust is going to disappear eventually someday, she doesn't want to be together with Faust. Despite that, she doesn't want Faust to disappear, the one person who's always been by her side. Faust assures her that even though she will vanish, she will live her life for the blond and all the other girls, because magical girls bring hope. Mami realizes Faust's words and embraces her, sorry for what she said and glad that she got to meet Faust.

After finally getting dressed for the festival, with still three hours of time left to spare before everyone meets up, Faust and Mami decide to go and hang at Sayaka's place for awhile. While on the way, the two girls meet Kyouko and Yuma at the Sakura Church, and Faust convinces Kyouko to go to the festival for Sayaka. Before making their way to Sayaka's place, Faust is interrupted by Anbey yet again. Faust decides to talk to the black Incubator, to see if he has anything useful to say. Anbey then reveals information that seems to contradict his previous statements: Faust is actually the host for Walpurgisnacht. He also reveals that Ayume, one of his underlings, is also a cultivated magical girl just like Faust. Anbey plans on defeating Jubey's Walpurgisnacht with Ayume, then letting Ayume turn witch for even more energy. Anbey then reveals one last kicker that pushes Faust over the curve: that her abilities are actually draining the magic and lifeforce from her friends. Whether anything Anbey said was truth is not certain, but Faust couldn't take the reveal and goes into an uncontrolled Rage Mode.

Filled with bloodlust, Faust wants to hunt down and kill Ayume, but because she has no idea where she is, she decides to kill the nearest target, Yuma. Faust manages to impale Yuma, but she is ultimately stopped and defeated by Mami and Kyouko. Regaining her sanity, Faust tells the two girls the truth as to why she went out of control, the black Incubator manipulating her emotions. Yuma, who healed herself from Faust's attack, believes Faust and forgives her, knowing that deep down, the pink-haired girl is a good person. Mami and Kyouko let Faust go, although temporarily, the bonds they share with Faust are broken. Faust then wanders aimlessly before the festival, thinking about what she just did. While she sits at a bench, Anbey speaks to her once again, although with a completely different personality. Sitting quietly, Faust listens as Anbey talks about how he nothing can stop Faust, and how he finds the human race amazing because of their soul and spirit. Whether this side of Anbey is genuine, or is just another way to confuse Faust, is not entirely certain.

Faust finally heads to the festival, wanting to celebrate despite what happened earlier. She meets Kyouko and Yuma who are together with Sayaka and decides to spend some time with them. Kyouko tells Faust that she already forgave her when Yuma did, their bond being restored. After spending some time with the three girls, Faust looks for Mami, finding her on the roof. The blond also forgives Faust, and they spend some time hanging out with Oriko and Kirika and then practicing their routine for a dance competition.

The PoV is then switched to Madoka's perspective. Madoka and Homura go together to the festival. As Madoka searches for Faust, she gets a phone call from Mami, telling her to find a safe place. Confused, Madoka asks what she's talking about, until suddenly, Ayume, who is under Anbey's control, attacks the two girls. Homura tries to cover Madoka, but both of the girls end up getting stabbed by the onslaught of rapiers. Just when Madoka was about to die, Faust rewinds time and manages to prevent the two girl's deaths, then engages Ayume. After meeting up with Mami and finding a safe place to hide, Madoka tells Homura to go help Faust. Even though the psychopathic girl contained 13 Soul Gems and also possessed a Reality Marble, Faust together with the help of Homura easily defeats and kills Ayume. Upon defeating Ayume, Anbey appears, and after an exchange of words, Faust figures out that the black Incubator is planning to overthrow his own race.

Although Ayume, who was apparently a host for Walpurgisnacht, was defeated, Anbey still proclaims he is always a step ahead of Faust. After the Incubator is shot dead by Homura, Faust falls down exhausted, realizing that the magic she used in the fight was draining the time left in her body, and that she will disappear tonight.